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"Westebello" 2010 Archive

Fourth Annual Western Canadian Challenger
Rendezvous is in the History Books

Another great success!

July 9-11, 2010 at Wetaskiwin Airport and Reynolds Alberta Museum


The weather was pretty much great all weekend.  We also got great weather for the Wetaskiwin Air Show in August.  Who would have thought - great weather in Wetaskiwin!


Despite the  sunshine outside, we stayed inside and had a series of great seminars. 
  • Canadian LSS Launch by Bryan Quickmire

  • Ever popular Engine Maintenance Clinic by Bob Roberston

  • Wiring your Challenger by Brent Thompson

  • Building a Challenger by Dave Hondl (will appear again in 2011)

  • Real Aerodynamics by Bryan Quickmire

  • $5 breakfasts by Mike Hughes

  • Selected photos follow (lights are low in the theatre, so sorry!)

Dave Hondl started telling us about his build of his Award winning Challenger, but we got foiled by technology, so he's promised to come back and finish his talk next year.

We think this was Mike talking about $5 fly-in breakfasts - and several he has been to with C-IROC.

Bryan tried to get out of this, but we wouldn't let him.  here he is with a highly technical presentation on performance curves for various airplanes!

Actually it was a very interesting presentation on the situations we can get ourselves into if we aren't watching what we are doing.

Dinner Theatre
Well it was more of a buffet, but heh, the steak was great (thanks Amy) and the company was even greater.


Furthest Travelled - Pierre from Montreal, defeating previous three time winner Brent from Orilla (who has no desire to move east of Montreal).

Furthest Flown in a Challenger - went to Arnie and Dave from Grande Prairie, AB.

After Dinner Delights - Dinner was followed by commiseration, flights and airplane viewing into the wee hours.

Everyone admiring Dave's new Bird ...

... and Arnie's old Bird

Loading Up ...

... for a short tour

Dusk Challenger ...

... Dusk

Sunday - Flying day - Demo Flights

Sunday was gorgeous!  2010 will be known as the year where the weather finally co-operated and we got to see customers fly  in with completed airplanes. 

Bryan Quickmire (in C-IROC), President of National Ultralight, Canada's exclusive Challenger distributor, and Mike (in C-IJBN) both did demo flights throughout much of the day.  The winds were a bit strong though, so we didn't do any water landings as the chop was too rough. 

The Dawn Patrol ... Dan Pandur with one of his many airplanes flew down from Westlock to see how the Challenger crowd was doing.

Dan also flies, builds and instructs in Challengers.  Nice handiwork - he built this.

Demo flights galore... Bryan about to depart on one of many in C-IROC ...

... Off they go into the wild blue yonder.

And Mike with a happy flyer in C-IJBN ...

The Admiral and my airplane.  I still can't believe he parted with her!

And not to be outdone, Dave built this!  Best of Show, Westebello, 2010.

Another happy ChallengerWest customer, Gary, came in from Stettler and took runner up...

Jonathan was in from ....   just down the ramp in .... Wetaskiwin in that famous plane from "How Things Work" and "the Journey Home".

Kris Falk popped up from Lacombe in this Challenger he's lovingly restored (for sale by the way to pay for tuition.  Call for details).

Did we mention Dave won Best of Show?

Notice the rate of climb ... A Cessna would not yet have slipped the surly bonds...

... as Dave starts the trip home to Indus

It's come a long way since we delivered those boxes. 

You can have one to - why wait?

It was great to see everyone again, and we can't wait till next year for the (already) 5th Annual Westebello.

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The fourth annual Westebello was held July 9-11 at Wetaskiwin, Alberta (CEX3), site of the 2005 COPA Convention.  Wetaskiwin offers a great airport, the Reynolds Alberta Transportation Museum (which is a really awesome "must see" and includes a GREAT Aviation museum), hotels close by, a full service and new campground right across the road, the cheapest AvGas in Alberta, etc.  As always, we had an extremely strong show of support from the Wetaskiwin Airport Operator, and the Reynolds Alberta Museum

A Prairie Sky at Westebello


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