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"Westebello" 2009 Archive

Third Annual Western Canadian Challenger
Rendezvous was a great success!

July 10-12, 2009 at Wetaskiwin Airport and Reynolds Alberta Museum


The weather was nice Friday night, but the forecast for Saturday was not so great.  Bryan Quickmire and Brent Thompson were off early Friday evening enjoying a nearby lake when Kris Falk flew in from Lacombe in his Challenger, claiming both "first in" and "furthest flown" for the weekend.  The company photographer was busy visiting in the terminal with the many folks who arrived for the Friday night reception, so we neglected to get any pictures!


The weather was kind of crappy on Saturday with low ceilings and high winds.  Hence, we stayed inside for most of the day, which wasn't much of a problem as we had a full agenda.

Hands-on Rotax Clinic by Bob from Light Engine Services and ...   ... and George from Rotec Canada.

George and the crowd watching Bob intently as he shares his knowledge.

Bob demonstrates the proper tool for removing the fan on a 503!  He also showed us how to adjust the belt.  Those shims are wonderful!

Theatre room where we delivered tales of Seven League Boots!



Dinner and Door Prizes!

The happy group!  Congratulations Westebello 2009 Attendees.

A Night At The Museum ... !!
You just never know what you'll see at a Challenger Fly-in!  The Arrow was a MASSIVE airplane.  I'll get IROC over beside it on the air side and get a picture for comparison!

Yep, that's the full-scale mockup from the CBC movie!



Announcing the Governor General's Cup!

... and fun was had by all.  If you made it, it was good to see you again.  If you didn't make it, we missed you - try and come next year.  We're going to be working with Transport Canada and the Airport Manager to orchestrate some flying competitions!

Sunday - Flying day - Demo Flights

Sunday was really windy, but also really sunny and warm! 

Hence, Bryan Quickmire (in C-IROC), President of National Ultralight, Canada's exclusive Challenger distributor, and Mike (in C-IJBN) both did demo flights throughout much of the day.  The winds were strong, so we didn't do any water landings as the chop was too rough. 

Bryan loves to fly people around in Challengers and really enjoyed the change in scenery from all those boring lakes in Ontario!  He and the passengers all enjoyed Alberta's many Canola fields, which were in resplendent yellow! 

The company photographer was busy at the BBQ, so we're hoping other attendees who might have taken some pictures might send them along for this page!

No sooner asked, than received.  Philip and Stephanie Gavell from Newfoundland were out for Westebello and were kind enough to send several photos they took on Sunday.

An Avro Arrow with a Jelly Bean in the background under the missle doors!
(Courtesy P & S Gavell)

C-IJBN and onlookers.
(Courtesy P & S Gavell)

C-IROC and onlookers.
(Courtesy P & S Gavell)

Captain Quickmire and C-IROC
(Courtesy P & S Gavell)

Kris Falk and IDVU.  Kris flew in from Lacombe both Friday evening and Sunday morning.
(Courtesy P & S Gavell)

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The third annual Westebello was held July 10-12 at Wetaskiwin, Alberta (CEX3), site of the 2005 COPA Convention.  Wetaskiwin offers a great airport, the Reynolds Alberta Transportation Museum (which is a really awesome "must see" and includes a GREAT Aviation museum), hotels close by, a full service and new campground right across the road, the cheapest AvGas in Alberta, etc. 

As always, we had an extremely strong show of support from the Wetaskiwin Airport Operator, and the Reynolds Alberta Museum

A Prairie Sky at Westebello

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