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"Westebello" Futures

With 10 years of Westebello's behind us, conversations started last year about doing something different going forward

  • This was originally published in June, 2017.  Our ISP had a server meltdown, restored from a backup and didn't tell us.
    • On July 25, a massive plow wind blew their microwave tower over in Calmar.  A month or so later they decided to abandon it.
    • We were without internet until very recently when we got a new satellite service, so I am just now able to restore the work from June.

    Glad to see Coastebello got off the ground and happened

    •  Our Challengers were in Alberta, but I was in Vancouver with our 182 in Langley and had planned on popping over to say high to everyone.
    • Unfortunately I could not attend due to IFR conditions in Langley on Saturday morning of the event.
    • Hope to see everyone next year.  Maybe I-ROC and I will be able to make the trip!

    Looks like a good time was had by all.


  • We've had suggestions from Challenger Owners over the years that the event should move around to different parts of Western Canada, to encourage owners to get together and get their Challengers in the air in some seven league boots type journeys.
  • We always planned Westebello to be a Challenger Owner's event, much like Montebello, and we've tried our best to nourish it for 10 years. 
    • Several owners and folks like Bob Roberston and Bryan Quickmire have helped by attending and presenting, but we felt the event was getting into a bit of a rut. 
    • Last year we started thinking that it was time to give the bird a nudge out of the nest.
      • With some interest emerging from the West Coast and other parts of BC, we've encouraged others to step up and consider hosting the event. 
      • Tracy is super busy this year, and without her to pull everything together, it just wasn't possible for the event to happen in Wetaskiwin in 2017, regardless.
    • Initial planning is in the works for an alternate location, and we wouldn't be surprised to see an owners event emerge - perhaps a "Coastebello", somewhere on the west coast!
      • We fully support this move.  Time permitting, we'll try and attend ourselves.  Who knows, maybe IROC will be part of a group of Prairie Challengers that makes the trip out.
    • Maybe the event will move around in the future, maybe it will happen annually, or bi-annually.  We simply don't know. 
    • All we know is for the event to have the longevity and success of Montebello, and to encourage the same kind of camaraderie amongst Challenger Owners, the event needs injections of more Challenger Owners their ideas, and their participation.

    As we hear and learn more about the current planning initiatives, we will post information here, or at minimum provide a link to a better information source when there is one.  All we can say for the moment is think about September, somewhere west of Wetaskiwin!


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