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Pristine Pre-Owned Challengers

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We do not buy and/or sell used Challengers.  Our preference is to sell new kits to people who will build and maintain their own airplane.

From time to time however, a real gem comes along, and we are asked to exhibit it for a proud owner, who we know personally.  That is generally all you will ever find here - absolutely pristine, quality built, and exceptionally well flown and maintained Challengers*.  The most pristine and well-maintained Challengers never hit the airplane classifieds - they move very quickly and quietly by word of mouth amongst a very select few.  So, if you happen to drop by here and see something you like, move quickly.

Please note that this is not a forum for bargain hunters, rather a place for people looking for the very best in pristine, high-quality Challengers. 

Pre-Owned Challengers


Sorry, Being Flown by New Owners, But you CAN Drool!

You can watch some gorgeous video of this airplane by clicking the picture below.  Probably one of the prettiest Challengers ever built, and certainly one of the best Challenger videos.  If you want to see this airplane up close and personal, well, let's just say it lives really close to Jelly Bean and IROC.


Please write or call for more information.

* Potential buyers of any used airplane are advised to undertake their own due diligence prior to purchase.  ChallengerWest makes no warrantees or representations as to the condition or airworthiness of any aircraft, and acts only as a facilitator.

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