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Challenger Winter Rendezvous: Montebello 2007

For Challenger owners the runway, river, lake or field is a gateway
to an entire world of wonders non-owners can not even imagine.


Click poster to play movie!


Selected Photos by Mike Hughes, ChallengerWest

An effortlessly smooth and tight base leg,  turning final

A rising crosswind leg

Kris and Bob - two western Challenger pilots,  thumbs up, and about to wow the crowd!

Up, Up, and ...

Away up !  No trick photos - that's a nice safe Challenger climb attitude.  Rotate at 40mph IAS, leave the runway,  and be at circuit height (or more) by the other end climbing 10 - 15 mph above stall speed!

Now did I order that sky, or that paint in that particular shade of blue.   Nope that is not a new slotted wing - just a 1 in a million photo!  And yes, this is the photo on the cover of the March, 2007 issue of COPA!

What do people with Challengers do in the winter?

Outrun and Outfun  snow-mobilers of course!  Bruce, Kris and Robert out playing in the snow!

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