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Challenger II Classic Under Construction

We have found a number of very useful sites on the internet with great information on building Challengers and have included some links to these sites on this page - we are actually more concerned about getting the airplane built, so the site will understandably lag real progress!

Our aim on these pages is to NOT re-create every other site, nor in any way to take the place of the manual.  These are just photos of our own general construction progress for those who wish to follow along, and (more importantly) close ups of areas where we haven't seen other published photos. 

With the exception of a few upgrades, This Challenger is pretty much stock.  This Challenger will be getting a lot of miles visiting fly-ins, community events, parades, and outdoor, farm and recreational shows, so we wanted her to be free of any "modifications", although she will have quite a few approved aftermarket accessories! 

Please enjoy these pages and be sure to write if you have any questions or comments.  Building any airplane is a journey of love, and it takes time.  Even though the Challenger is a very fast build, we have found out that life still happens and throws you some curves and some joys alongside the building that have to be taken in stride.  We've included a few of our own trials and tribulations on these pages that have slowed us down, but never stopped us from completing the building of our dream. 

Ideas, illustrations and photos are the author's own work and are for information only.  Builders of Challengers should always follow their Quad City manual.

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