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Challenger Manuals

These manuals are placed here solely for the convenience of owners/builders of Challengers supplied by ChallengerWest.  No other purpose is intended or permitted, and all design and copyright material remains the exclusive property of Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Corporation. 

ChallengerWest assumes no liability whatsoever for any damages, direct or consequential arising from the use of these files.  Nor do we take any responsibility for version differences from current documents supplied by the factory.  These editions were at a point in time and no effort is made to keep them current.  ALWAYS follow the documentation supplied with YOUR kit.

These are just here to get you by in a pinch temporarily if you've misplaced your factory CD or manual, spilled coffee on a page and want to reprint it once you verify it matches your originals, etc.

Document passwords will only be provided to those we can verify have a bonifide use for the documents.

Challenger II Classics

Password Secured File for CII Owners.

Canadian LSS Models (XL 65 and XS 50)
All files Password Secured File for LSS Owners only.
Section I (Tail)
Section II (Wings)
Section III (Fuselage)
Section IV (Engine)
Final Assembly

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