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The Ongoing Adventures of "One Jelly Bean"

Just a few images of our favourite Challenger.  More added every so often.
It is amazing how much fun you can have with a little airplane!

In the summer of 2006, she flew 3,000 miles across Canada from near Montreal, Quebec, to Wetaskiwin, Alberta.  She was the topic over dinner at Montebello 2007 as Kris Falk described his magnificent adventure. 

All photos by ChallengerWest unless otherwise noted.


Jelly Bean is Tracy's plane, but she is nice enough to let me fly her while I get C-ILHC built.  I had better hurry though - she's almost got her license and, I may be relegated to the back seat (although it is comfy back there and the view is great) until C-ILHC is finished.

"And all I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by." - John Masefield

Even full-grown farm boys fit in a Challenger - quite comfortably actually!

"Wetaskiwin Traffic.  Ultralight India-Juliet-Bravo-November.  Holding short at Taxiway Bravo for the backtrack for Runway One-Two.  Conflicts Please Advise.  Wetaskiwin Traffic."

Enjoying a gorgeous summer night above the farm.

"Wetaskiwin Traffic.  Ultralight Juliet-Bravo-November.  Down and Clear on Bravo.  Taxiing to ramp.  Wetaskiwin Traffic."

"Lake Bound Fish.  Ultralight Juliet-Bravo-November inbound for fishing.  Please keep your heads down until my fly-line hits the water."

"Lake Bound Fish.  This is not a Pelican, I repeat, not a Pelican - I am a big fat fly!.  Please stay put until I plop on smoothly , and get my fly rod out of the float."

Gracefully she emerged from the light and descended from the heavens, as if borne of the sun herself.  Suspended upon the ripples of a gentle sea for a few moments before casting skyward to the heavens once more.  

Dad, you would absolutely love this.

"Lake Bound Ski Boats.  Ultralight Juliet-Bravo-November about to slip the surly bonds of earth.  
Lets see you do this with your $85,000 ski boats."

"Wetaskiwin Traffic.  Ultralight Juliet-Bravo-November crossing midfield westbound at circuit height.  Will join downwind left for Runway Three-Zero, Full-Stop.  Wetaskiwin Traffic."

Civil Twilight comes all too soon.

Photo courtesy of Robb McCahgren of Novus Photography

Taken just on the legal side of daylight hours as Mike was coming in for a midfield join prior to landing at CEX3.  While he's night and VFR OTT rated (with an instrument rating in progress) ultralights are restricted to Daylight VFR operations only!

Jelly Bean in her hangar on wheels. 

Up, Up, and Away!


Above: Here's a nice shot of C-IJBN in November, 2007 as Mike and Challenger owner/builder Shaun taxi out for some circuits on cold, sunny day.  Photo courtesy of Robb McCahgren of Novus Photography


Tracy about to embark on some dual with Kris while learning to fly her Jelly Bean!

Under Kris' tutelage, Tracy soloed on Feb 21, 2008, and is seen here blasting off solo circuits on February 24, 2008, on the way completing her Ultralight Pilot Permit.

Tracy, I'm so proud of you.

I'm sure Dad is even prouder!


Wetaskiwin (CEX3) from the backseat of C-IJBN.  Photos by Mike as Tracy is the pilot.  I'm discovering the Challenger to be a phenomenal platform for picture taking.  We're still in winter here obviously, so we've got the windows in the way - imagine the pictures in the summer with doors off.


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