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PuddleJumper Floats

At least three float designs - fibreglass, aluminum and inflatable - are available for the Challenger however the vast majority of owners choose amphibious floats made by Puddlejumper Floats of Canada. The 14 foot version is preferred and each pontoon has a displacement of 980 lbs for excellent buoyancy.

Compared to the alternatives, Puddlejumpers are lighter (so you can carry more payload), are more hydrodynamic (so you can lift the payload out of the water), and are more aerodynamic (so you can carry the payload faster).

The hulls of the Puddlejumper floats are constructed of fibreglass and each pontoon has three watertight compartments separated by bulkheads. The rigging hardware is aircraft aluminum and stainless steel to prevent corrosion and everything you need to attach the floats to your airplane is provided.

Puddlejumpers have an elegantly simple gear retraction/extension mechanism plus a unique steerable nose wheel so you can operate in the Challenger's 20 mph crosswinds and maneuver on land with impunity. Options available are water rudder, wheel brakes, custom coloured gel coat, and Kevlar hulls.

The latest generation - the third - has reinforced hulls, a stronger nose gear
(by 70%!), and larger main wheel wells and forks to accommodate larger tires.

To top all this off, Puddlejumpers cost less too. See why owners prefer them?

ChallengerWest can supply custom configured Puddlejumpers for Challengers to our customers.  Drop us a line for more information.

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