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Challengers In Action

The Challenger truly is a "Plane for all Seasons".  When you buy  a Challenger you don't just buy a plane - you join a family of over 4,000 owners globally, and over 500 in Canada.  Multiple groups host formal events each year and the major fly-in is in the winter (Links at left). 

Challenger Matinees

Customer & Owner Cinematography

Challenger owners tend to be a pretty talented bunch, and some of them love to film while they fly.  Courtesy of various members of the "Challenger Cinematographer's Guild", here are links to some film taken by Challenger Owners.  Most of these are on Youtube, so we've just provided links to material already published by the authors.  Source credits are shown on the Youtube site.

You can find oodles more by going to and searching for "Challenger Ultralight".
National Ultralight Challenger Cinema

Courtesy of our Canadian Challenger Distributor, National Ultralight, be sure to check out the Challenger Cinema.

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Journey Home

Challenger ultralight and light sport aircraft have done trips thousands of miles long however this magical flight by Ian Coristine was only 10 miles from Brockville Airport back to his cottage in the 1000 Islands. Video edit/music by Louis Pouliot. Camera plane flown by Bruce Brown.

For more Video, see below on this page, or visit the new
Challenger Cinema

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