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Most banks will finance a completed Challenger.


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Canadian Challenger Models

We provide basic information on our website.  More details on all models can be reviewed on our Distributor's (National Ultralight) website at:

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Challenger Light Sport Information Section
E Series EL-65 & ES-65 and X Series XL-65 & XS-65

  • The new 582 powered Light Sport E and X Series models greatly surpass older 503 powered Challenger II models in performance and fuel economy plus set a new standard in reliability.

  • The Challenger Light Sports are a generation beyond earlier 582 powered Challenger II models in ease of handling, enhanced accessibility, greater utility and numerous other attributes.

  • The current Challenger lineup gives Light Sport choices with a wide range of features, performance and prices to suit every need and every budget:

  • 582 powered Challenger Light Sport E Series models EL-65 and ES-65 Greatly enhances earlier Challenger II 582 Premium without increasing cost!

  • 582 powered Challenger Light Sport X Series models XL-65 and XS-65 The most dramatic step forward ever taken in the evolution of the Challenger!

X Series Overview


The new Challenger Light Sport X Series has earned acclaim as the most dramatic step forward ever taken in the 30 year evolution of the Challenger! Challenger Light Sports have replaced the Challenger II as sales leader world wide.




XL-65 Highlights


XS-65 Highlights

XL - 65 vs. XS - 65 Comparisons

E and X Series Comparisons




Features and Contents

Additional Information

E Series Information


Canadian Pricing


All Models


More Info:


Most Banks will finance a completed Challenger.  Most people who want to finance a kit, do so via a line of credit and then pay that off with a regular loan upon aircraft completion and registration.



In Canada Challengers are sold in complete quick-build packages configured for our climate and conditions.  Everything from the enclosed cabin to the engine to the landing gear is especially chosen based on over 30 years of operating Challengers in Canada on wheels, skis and floats, on and off airport. You can build your Challenger yourself, or we can arrange to have it built for you by any of a number of professional challenger builders.

As always, please email or phone for latest information and pricing.



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