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Frequently Asked Questions

Well if you've made it this far, you may have a bunch of questions.  There are a million things to know about airplanes, licenses, etc.  It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but take your time and it will soon be second nature.
If you have any questions, whatsoever, don't hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call.

You'll find us to be a very low-pressure outfit.  We're pilots first, and ChallengerWest exists to get people into, or back into affordable aviation.  All in all, we are here to support our customers. 


Phone: 780-985-4231

Fax: 780-985-2198

You'll never hear us bash another manufacturer's product - in our eyes, all airplanes that fly well are beautiful things -  but we are very proud that the Challenger is a complete solution, and at a very fair price when you consider what you get. 

  • A high quality airplane, proven by almost 4,000 owners.
  • A comprehensive support network of dealers like ourselves who actually build and fly what they sell
  • Professional builders should you not wish to assemble your own kit.
  • Highly qualified factory inspectors who inspect the airplane from stem to stern, and undertake the test flight.
  • A family of owners, builders and dealers coast to coast who willingly help out other Challenger owners.
  • Everything has been thought of on the Challenger, and you won't be having to engineer anything, for example:
    • Accessories are tried and proven on hundreds if not thousands of Challengers - you don't have to be first with anything.  There is a large enough market for accessories with a fleet of 4,000 Challengers, that specialized products are designed and tested properly. 
    • Challenger Heaters actually keep you warm in our Canadian Climate.  No need to try and cobble something together that barely works on a fall day to try and keep warm so you can enjoy your airplane in all of Canada's glorious four seasons. 
    • Engines and their mounting solutions are fully specified by the factory - there is no guesswork.  An extensive engine servicing network exists and high quality training is available for those who want to learn how to do their own overhauls.

Our distributor, National Ultralight, has a fabulous database of answers to frequently asked questions about anything you would like to know about Challengers, Ultralights, Licenses, etc.  

So if you have questions, please just click the following picture of Claude Roy's  gorgeous Challenger in tribute colors to Canadian Airforce CF-18 Alouettes 425 Squadron to pop over to National Ultralight's FAQ Section.

Skill testing question:  What Canadian Challenger Pilot made it possible for us to fly Challengers to the United States?



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