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Useful Challenger Build Links

We've found some useful ideas on the following websites: - In general, this is a fantastic site with a wealth of great ideas.  In the realm of a couple of things I don't agree with, even though the techniques produce a very nice job, I make the following observations on the fabric attachment sections of the site. 

  • I've noted that it differs a bit from the Challenger Manual for fabric covering techniques, so I'm playing it safe and following the manual!  There are two fabric atachment systems shown, but most (if not all) Challenger Builders in Canada use the Poly Fibre system, not the other one shown ("AFS Method").  

  • In my opinion (validated with professional Challenger builders), the techniques shown suffer from too much anti-chaffing tape.  Anti chaffing tape is used solely to prevent the fabric from catching on sharp edges as it shrinks.  Fabric sticks to metal when glued, not tape, so the more tape you use, the less of a bond you get.  Also, fabric that is glued directly to metal does not shrink very much, and therefore the anti chafing tape needs to be used sparingly and only in areas where there are sharp edges over which the fabric will slide as it shrinks.  Less is more!

  • I'm also not so sure that the fibre batting on the outboard wing boxes is not a good idea, and could result in fabric separation at some point in the airplane's life. 

Other than these minor things - fabulous site!

And the Support Section for Builders at: 

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