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Upcoming Events with ChallengerWest!

ChallengerWest can attend your event.   If you're having a fly-in or air show, and you would like operational Challengers in attendance, please give us a call - we'd be happy to come and support your event. 

Airplane Etiquette:  A note of etiquette for fly-in and airshow visitors - please try and keep back 5 feet from anyone's airplane but your own, and don't touch.  If you damage an airplane, it's a long way home for the pilot.  It's especially important to teach kids about this.  Fabric airplanes like our Challengers don't take well to kids climbing all over them.  If a kid (or adult!) trips and stumbles and falls on an airplane, tearing fabric or bending metal, the pilot is stranded and it is very hard to match up paint in the event of a repair caused by something so silly.  All in all, look from a safe distance and please don't touch.

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Here's some highlights of a few places we've been in the past!

Wetaskiwin Airshow: August 4/5th, 2012 (CEX3)

We made it home from Oshkosh and Victoria just in time to attend.  C-IROC was on static display and definitely the crowd favourite of future pilots because "look Dad, that one can land on water".

Here is "Camp Challenger" and a few random shots of other things of interest.

EAA Airventure 2012 aka "Oshkosh"  (KOSH)
Tracy and I made the trip in our 182 and camped under the wing for the duration and spent a lot of time at the Challenger booth in the Ultralight field. 
Athabasca Airport Fly-In BBQ: July 16, 2011 (CYWM)
Fly-In Organizer: Nicole McDonald, Athabasca County.

Flight Description Fly In BBQ 11-3, beef on a bun lunch.  Athabasca is a great little airport that allows under wing camping.  They have fuel despite what it says in the CFS.  The FBO is at the south end in the big hangar where there is a very lovely Twin Otter.

This was an awesome event and in addition to our very own IROC, there were some 20 airplane's in attendance BEFORE 20 more came in with John Lovelace's flight on their way to Larange, Sask.

I took a few pictures en-route with the camera in my Blackberry.

Passing Over Edmonton on the way north.  Yes, I am Mode C equipped.

Nicole MacDonald, the organizer of this event took these pictures of IROC and the L39 overhead, shared them with us and gave us permission to share them with you.

Just arrived and closing my flight plan

That's our friend's Gil and Patti's very pretty Murphy Renegade beside IROC

Hmmmm,  What's this taking off?

Ahhhh.  I see....

On the way north earlier that morning,  I was cruising along at my normal 70 mph TAS (on Amphibious Floats), making 60-65 mph over the ground with the head winds.  I was 26 miles back and heard a radio call from an aircraft 28 minutes back anticipating the field in 4 minutes  I thought I misheard the pilot, or he made an error.  Not so fast.  It all became clear when I arrived at Athabasca a half hour later.  It was an L39 Jet!.  I have a picture of it here from a COPA event in Calgary. 

And what, might you ask is all this hub bub about a jet on a Challenger web site?  Well did I mention I like airplanes - of all types?  L39's are very pretty - I've heard them called a cross between an F4 and an A5.  They are very pretty, and apparently pretty efficient for a fighter trainer at 150 gph economy cruise at 300 KTAS.  +8/-4 Gs and 2,000 fpm climb. 

Now back to the Challenger with IROC at easily 1000 fpm, +6/-3, 70mph (floats), 85 mph on wheels and a miserly 4gph and it can be safely taken fishing.  Try that in an L39.  There might have been a few more folks around the jet, but IROC definitely took second place for the crowd poking around skin!

South of Athabasca, Southbound, on the way home late in the afternoon.

The ceilings continued to rise throughout the day.  I actually enjoyed the flight up in the AM better as as the ceilings were relatively low and very powerful looking.  ATC asked me for Pireps on the way up because they said several planes had turned back.  I'm not sure why really as many flew up in Cessnas and Pipers, but a 1,000 feet of ceiling is forever in a Challenger!

Westebello 2010 - July 9 - 11, 2010

This is our own Challenger Owners (and wannabees!) event.  It was Great! 

Click the Pic for details.

Wetaskiwin Air Show - August 7-8, 2010

This was an awesome Air Show, and we were there! 

Our personal highlights of the Air Show included:

  • Being part of the Team staffing the Wetaskiwin Flying Club Souveneir Tent

  • Canada's Snowbirds

  • Our very own C-IROC driving under police escort to park downtown to support an Air Cadet Hot Dog Sale hosted by the TD Bank and promote the Air Show.

    • The local RCMP detachment were a great help.  In addition to providing multiple cars to and from the Bank, the guys helped me lift IROC up over the curb to get around a light pole that was in the way

    • We'd like to thank Bill Anderson and his staff from the TD Bank for giving us this opportunity, all their help,  and for their great community spirit.

    • A few pictures of the event follow!  Needless to say I am impressed by the Challenger's maneuverability as I was able to negotiate around various obstacles!

0600 Departure from CEX3

C-IROC at Dawn

Down Airport Road

And Into Downtown

Strong Mounties Helped her over the Curb!

And here we Are ...

 ... Ready for Air Cadets and Hot Dogs!

Arriving Back at CEX3 That Night

Eastebello 2010
13,170.6 km round trip and we were there!  Click the Picture to see more about Eastebello 2010.

Lloydminster - Father's Day Fly-in - June 21, 2009

A great and well attended event. 

We were the only plane to fly-in and definitely the furthest flown.


Despite a gorgeous flight over Saturday evening, we got weathered in on Sunday

and left Monday in marginally improved pure SCUD ...

... and massively shearing winds for the flight home! The visibility was OK, and the low ceilings lifted a lot about 30 miles to the west.  The gusts and windshear, however, persisted!

While Mike battled windshear , downdrafts, and SCUD, Tracy saw cool oilfield equipment.

We stopped at Viking to refuel.  I had had enough of the bouncies by this point, so we decided to stay over at Viking as it was a pretty spot. 

Alberta is full of awesome little airports like this!

Things were a lot nicer the next morning when we departed for home.

COPA - National Convention.   Calgary Springbank Airport, July 17-19 2009

Friday morning in Olds prior to departure for Springbank.

The "hardware line" at COPA 2009.  Challenger, Cessna T182T, Cessna Corvalis, Cessna Katmai, King Air, Beach Baron  ...   We offered affordable aviation!

A Czech L-39 from Josephsburg that was on the Lovelace flight to Nova Scotia.

1,000 Shp.  425 Knots.  11,000 fpm.  Homebuilt Legend Turbine.  Wow!

Just, Plain, Pretty!

Pretty as this was, if I could just win that lottery ... I would buy that Legend Turbine!

Harmon Rockets doing Pyros at Dusk

C-IROC taxiing to departure runway.

Up, Up and Away!

The soups a boiling!

It got rougher!  Winds were 19 gusting 39 and variable from about 20 to about 80 degrees off the runway) at Wetaskiwin on arrival, but IROC and Mike made it down safe and sound.

Wetaskiwin - July 26 and 27, 2008
This was a major Airshow on the Prairies this year and we were there! 
Lloydminster - June 15, 2008.  Father's Day Fly-in.
We went, in spite of the weather.  We're not sure, but JBN may have taken the furthest flown honours as most of the other aircraft appeared to be from the local vicinity.  Mike flew JBN, and Tracy and Kids came in the Bus.  Food was great.  Aviation camaraderie was even better. 

Thanks to Steve and Claude and all the volunteers for a great event.  Special thanks to Lloydminster airport Manager Wade and Claude for the hospitality.  Mike lifted off in the rain, but in advance of the thunderstorms, and headed for Wetaskiwin.  2.0 from Wetaskiwin to Lloyd, and 2:3 from Lloyd to Wetaskiwin.  Ride there was better than the ride home, but all in all, a fun weekend.  We'll probably make this an annual event as the hospitality was so great.  Maybe next year, Mike and Tracy will be able to go over in formation assuming LHC is finished by then.

Lacombe Airport Annual Fly-in Breakfast, June 4, 2006

Lacombe Airport (CEG3): June 4th, 2006, 0700 - 1200 MST

Here is Kris Falk's Challenger at the ChallengerWest Booth at the Lacombe Fly-in


Edmonton Airfest 2006

Edmonton Municipal Airport (CYXD): July 1st and 2nd 2006  

Alberta Aviation Museum/Edmonton Aviation Heritage Center
11410-Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton

An annual event focused on the homebuilt sector.

Our booth prior to the arrival of the crowds.  We spent much of our time out on the flight line with the Challenger.

Kris Falk flew in in C-IDVU and many folks came to admire his build quality.

Wetaskiwin Centennial Airshow- July 29th - 30th, 2006

Wetaskwin Regional Airport (CEX3).

Tracy from ChallengerWest with her Amphibious Challenger. 

One of the few breaks from the rain that weekend.  We almost needed those floats!

We didn't plan the color coordination with the car booth - it just happened that way!

Rocky Mountain House

Rocky Mountain House Airport (CRMN): Wednesday August 16, 2006, 1300 - Late Evening

This was an awesome Airshow.  Mike flew over in our amphibious Challenger!  

These guys were also there - Canada's own SnowBirds!

And Robb McCahgren of Novus Photography in Wetaskiwin took this picture of one of Canada's CF-18 Hornet Fighters simulating a Carrier trap:


Calgary International Airport (CYYC): September 9 - 10, 1000 - 1700 MST.  We made the trip in 2.8 hours, despite the 40 mph headwinds!


2005 Airshows attended by ChallengerWest

ChallengerWest was pleased to attend at the COPA Convention 2005 at Wetaskiwin, Alberta with our own Challenger II on display.  

We had lots of Challenger owners and friends visit us, and we were delighted to have four challengers in attendance at the convention.  Was this the "type record at the convention?"

Special thanks...

  • To everyone who came to visit

  • To the Challenger Pilots who braved the weather to fly in:

Rob Saurette - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Rob flew 18 hours (each way!) in his very beautiful Challenger II on floats.  After everyone started bugging out on Sunday morning, Rob moved his plane over under the shelter of a big buddy!  Did we mention the teeming rain!

Hans Le Blanc - Lethbridge, Alberta.

Hans, that is one nice paint job.

Kris Falk - Lacombe Alberta

Kris Falk flew in from Lacombe Alberta with a freshly completed Challenger.  Kris is a well known Challenger instructor.

This is a very pretty plane!

  • To the Wetaskiwin Team

    • To the team from the Wetaskiwin COPA Flight and the Westaskiwin Airport for a FABULOUS event.  You folks all worked really hard on this, and it was greatly appreciated. The service of your team and volunteers was OUTSTANDING, and we really appreciated the personal touch of all your team coming around to see how we were doing and if we needed anything.  We had fun and got to meet lots of folks. We think our booth worked out very well, and we are hoping to host a Challenger fly-in later on this year. With any luck, we'll get everyone back to Wetaskiwin real soon.

    • The rain didn't co-operate, but that wasn't within anyone's control, and it wasn't all that bad considering the downpour!  It was neat to see you guys out with the portable walkways - it's little things like this - making the best of a tough situation that stand out in our minds as what best demonstrates a true team and an amazing organization.
  • To the Challenger Team

    • Bryan and Alison were here from our Canadian Distributor, National Ultralight and were a great help to Tracy and I and the kids in our first trade show with a Challenger.  Thanks also to Kris Falk and others who helped us load and unload the plane.

    • Below is our bird (C-ILHC) in it's then current state of completion.  Someday it will look as nice as the Challengers shown above!


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