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Mike and Tracy's Epic Adventure to "Eastebello 2010"

So what do you do when you love Challengers and hear that there is a new Challenger Flight Centre on the other side of the country and hosting it's first official Challenger Fly-in?  You go of course! 

And so begins the tale of ChallengerWest's Epic adventure to the very first East Coast Challenger fly-in - Eastebello 2010 hosted by Bernie and Shelley Rector at East Coast Ultralight.  The weather was awesome, the food was awesome, the company was fantastic, and our hosts were even better!

We didn't end up flying in due to time constraints and weather forecasts ("Hurricane Earl" ring a bell?), but we did end up flying there on two wheels! We thought about taking the Bird Nest, but Bryan thought it would be way cooler to make the trip on a bike, so we did.  13,170.6 km in all!  Details soon!

  Maybe next year, we'll fly down, wing to wing as it were!

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