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Challenger 30th Anniversary Epic Tour

2013 IROC 'n She Rolls Tour 2013

This is a tale of epic proportions, and the documentation of same will occur in stages as time permits.  For now, just accept that the mission was accomplished.  Photos and journey logs will follow.  Those attending Montebello 2014 and Westebello 2014 will of course receive much more information as we share details of the voyage.  For the rest, check back here from time to time as more is published.

A Snapshot of the Journey

Our primary demo airplane, C-IROC, crossed much of the continent to join over 50 other Challengers to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the type in September, 2013.  We made this voyage for many reasons:

  • To promote the Challenger brand and attract further interest in the airplane and in ChallengerWest.
  • To promote the competence of our dealership and the airplanes we sell.  When people ask us how Challengers  fly, we can say with certainty based on demonstrated accomplishment, as evidenced by this voyage, that the Challenger is an extremely fun and economical airplane.
  • To do something never done before.
  • To outfly all of the Americans and achieve National bragging rights by garnering the furthest flown honours and the accompanying trophy for our Display Case!

Here is the SPOT Track of our voyage. 

And just to teaze you until more is published, a few pictures from the Journey.

The all important... Furthest Flown Award - Mike with Karen from the Quad City Factory.

Just for the record, and with no offence to our southern neighbours, (there were more of them at the fly in than us), the Americans could never have a Canadian win this award outright, so Furthest Flown Canada and Furthest Flown U.S. awards where issued.  (If memory serves, the U.S. trophy winner flew a bit less than, ahem, 500 miles!)

Karen and the Celebratory Cake - before we all demolished it!

Perhaps my favourite overnight of the whole trip - Casselton, ND

Those of you know me well will know why.  I grew up in the Skymaster my dad flew.  It seemed  only fitting to park C-IROC next to this one on a blustery overnight.  She was still there on the way home, sitting somehow forlorn albeit in the sunshine but even more wind.

That's it for now - C-IROC at Paynesville, MN on the way to Erie Park, IL

Not long after we changed the right side main tire.  The sky did not hold, the next day was perhaps the worst cloud of the way south, but I'm getting ahead of myself...


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