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Challenger - Canada's Favourite Advanced Ultralight!

Phone: 780-985-4231

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11 12 Best Reasons to own a Challenger

Ultralight Aviation's Longest Running Company - A 30 Year Success Story!

Montebello Artwork used with permission and courtesy of Dave O’Malley, Aerographics Creative Services in Ottawa


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Challenger: Canada's Favourite Advanced Ultralight

It's not just an Airplane - its a Community!

C-IROC's EPIC Journey to the Challenger 30th Anniversary

This Year's Westebello

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Life is Short, Fly your Grass off!

There are well over 10,000 grass strips in North America.
The Challenger can easily land in all of them. 
How many can you get into?

And what about the countless lakes?

"Challenger Pilot" isn't a rating; it's an achievement in lifestyle. 
It's for people who appreciate flight. 
Because a Challenger isn't a means to an end, it's an end unto itself. 
It makes getting there more exciting, insightful and fun than being there. 
Forget about flight levels. 
Think about treetops, shorelines, river banks, valleys and amber waves of grain.   
Try Challenger flight.  It's the ultimate boredom killer.

Photo Courtesy of Kris Falk (on a cross country from Kitimat, B.C. to Alberta delivering a freshly built Challenger)


Performance and Safety Proven since 1983 - ~5,000 Challengers Worldwide, >600 Challengers in Canada!
Available as a quick-build kit, or professionally assembled ready-to-fly.

The fastest growing segment of general aviation is Advanced Ultralights
Here the Challenger is champion, outselling the rest by 10 to 1!

Check Out Our Challenger Kit Building Pages

Breaking Challenger News:

 !! Challenger LSS Gross Weight Increase to 1060 Pounds !!

Based in Alberta, and focused entirely on the Challenger Advanced Ultralight experience.

Sales and support for the 
Challenger Advanced Ultralight Aircraft
 Manufactured by
Quad City Aircraft Corporation
and distributed in Canada by
National Ultralight 
through dealers like us

If you have any questions about the Challenger
please contact us:

Phone: 780-985-4231
Fax: 780-985-2198 


Post: R.R. #3 Calmar, Alberta  T0C 0V0

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The Challenger - Canada's Favourite Advanced Ultralight!